Optergon is designed to give you maximum flexibility that accurately models your real world business to generate the best possible route optimizations to save time and money.

Here's a quick overview of how to setup and run a real-world rout optimization:

  1. Adding & Managing Locations
  2. Adding & Managing Vehicles
  3. Vehicle Attributes & Capacities
  4. Adding Schedules
  5. Viewing Optimized Solutions

1. Adding & Managing Locations

You can add, edit and remove locations from the location management page. In addition, because locations can often be re-used, it is possible to unpublish and republish locations that are likely to needed in future.

Manage locations

It's quick and easy to add locations in bulk using a csv file upload.

Impost new locations using CSV

2. Adding & Managing Vehicles

Like locations, vehicles can be added, edited and removed from a similar interface.

Manage vehicles

3. Vehicle Attributes & Capacities

Completely flexible vehicle attributes and capacities make it easy to model your real-world business perfectly.

Manage vehicle attributes

No matter whether you are transporting goods or people, it takes one click to add a new capacity that becomes available to all your vehicles.

Manage vehicle capacities

4. Adding Schedules

With all your locations and vehicles added to the system, creating a new schedule is a quick two-stage process. First, choose all the stop and vehicles to be included along with a few other configuration settings - like start and end dates.

Create a schedule

Next, configure the schedule to reflect its specific requirements.

Edit the schedule

Each vehicle and location can be configured to match your real world system precisely via a range of settings.

Editing a vehicle for optimization

Once everything is ready, click Optimize.

5. Viewing Optimized Solutions

Once a schedule has been submitted for optimization, you will need to wait for us to crunch the numbers. This can take anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes depending on how large the schedule is.

Once the solution has been calculated each vehicle is given its own in-depth schedule with drive and wait times, stop times and location order in an easy to use, interactive chart.

Viewing the route optimization solution

That's it; in a nutshell. The whole system is designed to be fast and easy to use and to add efficiency, streamline costs and save your business money.