About Optergon

Optergon combines both conventional and proprietary heuristic algorithms to produce incredible, real world vehicle routing and route optimization solutions for businesses of all sizes.

It is integrated into systems that reduce costs and streamline efficiency in over 70 countries around the world.


Our goal is to drastically reduce transport costs by providing intelligent optimisations that fit real-world business use cases. By offering completely flexible constraints, capacities, times, vehicles, locations, Optergon can build achievable solutions that not only save money but also save on human capital (i.e.manual route planning, warehousing management, etc).


Optergon's approach differs from other route optimization services. Optergon gives you the ability to accurately model your business requirements as they are in the real world.

Real World

Designed to be useable.

You might have cold chain delivery requirements with specific carrying capacities. Cold chain vehicles are more expensive to operate than the lighter pickup vehicles in your fleet. In addition some pickups and drop-offs might require cold chain facilities. Optergon understands all of these factors and produces solutions that will minimize your cost (i.e. ensure that expensive vehicles aren't utilized unnecessarily) while ensuring that the solution you get is completely valid (in other words, only cold chain vehicles can deliver products that must stay cold).


We also understand that each business is unique. That's why our setup is completely flexible. You can specify absolutely any type of carrying capacities and vehicle attribute under the sun (i.e. if you deliver giraffes in pink polka dot vans and require mini-cranes to make deliveries, we can handle it). This gives you peace of mind that the solutions we give you are going to be effective and work in the real world, instead of being hypothetical guidelines.

No Shortcuts

Due to the complex nature of route optimizations, many systems take shortcuts to reduce the amount of crunching power required. These shortcuts, like educated guesses, often require you to divide up your delivery catchment area into segments that can then be used to reduce the problem into a series of smaller, more manageable problems.

Unfortunately, this doesn't always give the best solution and may result in less-than-optimal performance. Optergon doesn't take shortcuts. We work extremely hard to generate results that are as close to perfect as we can make them.

Don't believe us?

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Optergon consists of a small core team of developers based in London, Cape Town & Taiwan, along with a team of marketers and support staff (also based in Cape Town).

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