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How it Works

It takes no more than a few minutes to create and share solutions that can save on fuel, wear & tear, and labor costs for your business.

1. Capture

Capture vehicle and location data

Put all your pickup and delivery locations, along with available vehicles, into a schedule.

2. Submit

Optergon performs optimization

Schedules are optimized using cutting-edge heuristic algorithms to produce real-world, quality solutions.

3. Utilize & Share

Integrate optimized solution

Easily export & share optimal routes to improve operational efficiency from the warehouse to the client.


Unlimited vehicle types

Model any type of vehicle precisely. From ground clearance, size, weight, range, to color, and anything in between.

Unlimited vehicle capacities

Do you operate cold chain vehicles? Do your vehicles have both dry and wet capacities? Add and utilize any type of capacity.

Unlimited location constraints

Does the client need a polka dot wearing delivery man? Model any location requirement with ease.

Flexible location relationships

Do you have to cater for item pickups and drop offs on the same day, or between days? Manage all delivery requirements with ease.

Flexible configuration

Model any real-world conditions accurately to produce quality route optimizations that are useful and achievable in the real world.

Multiple depots

Vehicles don't have to start and end in the same depot. Configure vehicle start and end depots with complete flexibility.

Multi-day optimizations

Want to work out what the most efficient way to operate over the course of a week? Run route optimizations across multiple days.

Multi-trip solutions

Would it be more efficient to send vehicles out multiple times per day? Specify multiple vehicle operating time windows to produce solutions with multiple trips per vehicle.

Flexible cost optimizations

Optimizations can be calculated based on both time and/or distance costs to arrive at the lowest overall cost solution based on the specific input costs of each schedule.

Quality distance/time data

Up-to-date distance and time data means that calculations are based on accurate travel times and distances to further improve solution quality.

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