Vehicle Routing API

Solve complex real-world vehicle routing problems for hundreds of locations and vehicles using multiple depots, time-constraints, vehicle constraints and attributes and incredibly accurate and efficient route optimization algorithms based on both distance and time costs (exactly as it is in the real world).

Turn an unordered list of vehicles and locations...

5 vehicle 100 location vehicle routing problem

Into an optimal plan that minimizes costs and obeys the real-world constraints of your business (i.e. vehicle carrying capacities, cold chain, operating hours, vehicle attributes, location constraints, etc)...

5 vehicle 100 location route optimization solution

How it Works

The Optergon vehicle routing API provides a simple JSON interface that allows users to:

  • authenticate
  • add jobs
  • manage the job queue
  • retrieve solutions

Requests are submitted via GET & POST HTTP requests using JSON formatting to transmit objects as outlined in the flowchart below. This provides a rough overview of a typical use of the API to create a new session via authentication, add a new job to the queue, submit it for optimization, check on progress, and finally receive the solution object:

Optergon Route Optimization API Workflow

Get Started

The first step is to request an API integration guide. Please let us know:

  • who you are
  • title (i.e. CTO, CEO, etc)
  • company & company size
  • estimated usage requirements
  • how you intend to use Optergon (i.e. in-house, as a reseller, as a value add service to your existing business, etc)

Request a Vehicle Routing API Integration Guide

Our team is ready to help you integrate and get up and running as quickly as possible.