Optergon Vehicle Routing API

Request an Integration Guide

The Optergon vehicle routing API provides a simple JSON interface that allows users to:

  • authenticate
  • add jobs
  • manage the job queue
  • retrieve solutions

Requests are submitted via GET & POST HTTP requests using JSON formatting to transmit objects as outlined in the flowchart below. This provides a rough overview of a typical use of the API to create a new session via authentication, add a new job to the queue, submit it for optimization, check on progress, and finally receive the solution object:

Optergon Route Optimization API Workflow

If you're interested in downloading a copy of our API guide, please contact us and let us know:

  • who you are
  • title (i.e. CTO, CEO, etc)
  • company & company size
  • estimated usage requirements
  • how you intend to use Optergon (i.e. in-house, as a reseller, as a value add service to your existing business, etc)

Our team is ready to help you integrate and get up and running as quickly as possible.